Glo-Ed Continues Carbonfree® Partnership Commitment and Plants Trees for Students

October 01, 2019

Glo-Ed is a socially responsible school travel company, working with schools to take away the burden of travel planning and risk management.

Since inception in February 2017, Glo-Ed has donated over $15,000 to charities and worthwhile causes around the world.  Glo-Ed planted 1000 trees with in 2019 for each student passenger since 2017, and Glo-Ed has supported 13 different causes, from the Earth Trust to and offset nearly 175 tonnes of CO2 through the Carbonfree® Business Partnership Program.

“We believe it is the duty of all businesses, big & small, to act responsibly, and consider our planet with the same emphasis they do to profits,” says Christian Walker, Founder of Glo-Ed.  “Social responsibility should be at the core of any modern business. It’s not about what the planet can do for you, it’s about what you can do for the planet.”

The Glo-Ed team understands that there are many stakeholders in running a successful school trip abroad, and Glo-Ed has the expertise to simplify the process to implement programs that meet each school’s objectives and addresses stakeholder needs.

Glo-Ed’s leadership in environmentally-responsible operations and commitments sets it apart from other school travel companies.