Give Your Scientific Adventurers a PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE

May 20, 2011

It’s 2:00 a.m. in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, north of Manaus, Brazil. Biologist Claude Gascon is looking for tree-frogs, which come out to sing and mate at night. The Rainforest is full of wonders and creatures to study. Claude loves his work and is one of thousands of scientists, from the tropics to the poles, for whom cutting-edge science is a great adventure and for whom a life of research is a “PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE.” Now the “PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE” Project, a set of integrated scientific teaching modules, invites teachers and students to: EXPLORE Antarctica, a whole continent dedicated to cutting-edge research. • EXPERIENCE the Amazon Rainforest, home to the greatest diversity of plants and animals on Earth. • EXCITE minds and imaginations by flying to the planets with NASA Missions. • ENLIST leading scientists and engineers as mentors for your students, and partners in your teaching. “PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE” uses an integrated suite of videos, hands-on activities, online resources and proven results. P2K’S MultiMedia materials provide everything you need to allow your students to do real science alongside real scientists while experiencing some of the most exciting and challenging places on Earth. Participants in “PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE” don’t just watch science being done – they DO IT for themselves! Each PASSPORT Module provides a Teacher’s Guide full of hands-on activities embodying key curriculum content and the National Science Standards, including student worksheets, sample hands-on supplies, resource videos, CD-ROMS and more. Supported by the National Science Foundation, a three-year evaluation produced solid evidence of positive student learning outcomes. P2K’S use of integrated video, online and hands-on materials had powerful effects. Student interest in science and technology was up 20% when all three media were used together.  And teachers with decades in the profession report that P2K has re-energized their careers and attitudes and provided them with the best and most practical example of how to use new tools, new educational technologies and new teaching practices successfully. So if your science curriculum needs a boost, check out the amazing teaching modules at PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE and help create the next generation of scientific adventurers.