Georgian Bay Spirit Augments Sustainability Efforts as Company Grows

December 27, 2018

Georgian Bay Spirit Co. is an awarding winning craft spirits producer whose brands include Georgian Bay Gin, Georgian Bay Vodka, Georgian Bay Gin Smash and Georgian Bay Vodka Smash.  The company has enjoyed steady growth in the past few years, and correspondingly has increased its sustainability commitment by expanding its carbon emissions offset program with

“Because our business requires a significant amount of time on the road, we partnered with in order offset the carbon impact of our vehicle use,” explains Tim Keenleyside, Co-founder and Head of Innovation.  “Since we get some of our key ingredients from the Georgian Bay Region, the more we do preserve this unique environment, the more we safeguard the future of our business and the region we love.”

Earlier this year, Georgian Bay Spirit quadrupled its annual donation to to purchase and retire carbon offsets that neutralize 144 metric tonnes of operating emissions by supporting carbon emissions reduction, energy efficiency and forestry preservation projects around the world.

Every summer at their Georgian Bay Cottage, Tim’s grandmother would say the same thing, “Someone should take all of these juniper berries and make gin.”  All these years later, her vision has come to life.  Every batch of Georgian Bay Gin includes hand-picked, Georgian Bay juniper berries, picked by the entire team and members of Tim’s family.  The company’s local focus and care to its environment is complemented by the carbon offsets program that neutralizes the negative impact of its business operations. commends Georgian Bay Spirit for this leadership in environmental sustainability.