American Express Global Business Travel Carbon Offset Platform


American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) and now offer a carbon offset solution to combat climate change and promote sustainability.  GBT recognizes the environmental responsibility that comes with being the world’s leading business partner for managed travel, meetings and events. 

Our unique carbon offset platform offers all interested GBT Business Partners (including clients, vendors, suppliers, and travel partners) a diversity of high-quality carbon offset projects that are independently validated according to the most rigorous accreditation standards and in furtherance of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  GBT Business Partners can select carbon offsets from a variety of project types, price points, and geographic locations – in furtherance of their own sustainability goals.

GBT Business Partners will benefit from:

  • Environmental sustainability by neutralizing carbon emissions through reduction projects that are real, measurable, permanent, additional, validated and unique;
  • Preferred pricing negotiated by GBT volume-leveraging collective carbon purchased across all GBT Business Partners;
  • Annual credit payments based upon aggregated volume thresholds achieved collectively across all GBT Business Partners;
  • Reputational goodwill with employees, customers, government regulators, and all stakeholders that value corporate social responsibility.

GBT Business Partners will have access to:

  • Documentary proof detailing the carbon offset projects, pricing, validation and verification by independent third-parties;
  • Customized carbon calculations for business travel, meetings and events, and operational emissions at no charge to participating GBT Business Partners;
  • Marketing and program promotion collaboration;
  • Discounts including preferential pricing and volume-leveraged annual credits paid back to all participating GBT Business Partners.

Featured Carbon Offset Projects:

(additional project options available upon request)

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