GBS Worldwide Joins Carbonfree Small Business Partnership Program

May 10, 2021

GBS, a forward-looking concept willing to bring its vision to the fashion, art and hip-hop industries, has joined the Carbonfree Small Business Partnership Program.

GBS places an emphasis on fashion with the sale of sophisticated clothes from an array of brands chosen by the GBS team, always with an artistic conducting line. The brands featured range from RAF Simons to Prada, Alyx to Saint Laurent or Comme des Garçons to Mihara Yasuhiro (all under retail price!).

The company’s whole business model is a statement of sustainability. Indeed, by supplying themselves in unsold and on sale garments, GBS is shaking the status-quo of 21st century shopping. GBS strives to limit textile waste which constitutes one of the biggest sources of the earth’s pollution.

GBS decided to partner up with Carbonfund to offset the carbon emissions they could not limit, most notably the CO2 emissions generated by the transport of goods over the globe.

GBS wants to push the culture forward by proposing a curated stream of content in addition to its selection of garments. They also work with aspiring artists and talents who share the same ambitions in their respective fields, most notably French or American rappers from the underground hip-hop stage to whom GBS has supplied rare clothing items.

GBS.Worldwide is held by two ‘Gen Z’ers, most probably the last generation who has the power to reverse the changes our planet is facing. The GBS team believes that our generation holds the key to solve this issue and the responsibility to act.