FUNJ. Shrooming Company Joins Carbonfree Small Business Partnership

October 04, 2021

FUNJ. Shrooming Company is an urban mushroom farm that provides people with delicious, sustainably cultivated mushrooms. FUNJ. is committed to bringing fresh mushrooms to the masses; whether it be through dropping them off right at a neighbor’s doorstep, stocking our local grocery stores’ shelves, or having a world-class chef serve them at a restaurant.

From their inception, FUNJ. Shrooming Company’s goal has been sustainability. The mushrooms grown are, by their very nature, part of the circular economy as the bulk of materials used to grow them are taken from agricultural waste streams. FUNJ. Shrooming Company only uses sawdust from responsibly managed timber companies, organic soy hulls (waste from soy farming), and organic grains to grow mushrooms. The plastic substrate liners used in their mushroom production are all oxo-biodegradable, meaning they can break down into their constituent components in the presence of heat and/or UV light, removing the need for specialized equipment. All heating in FUNJ.’s barn is done so with the same sustainably sourced sawdust on which we grow mushrooms, thus decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels. Spent mushroom substrate, our primary waste stream, is turned into compost and sold to local gardeners and farmers to continue enriching food production.

“I started FUNJ. Shrooming Company because I was interested in bringing healthy, delicious, and sustainably grown food to the people in my community. Mushrooms are incredible in that they naturally want to break down waste, and do not discriminate much in what they consume. We take waste products that would otherwise be burned or sent to unsustainable animal feed operations and continue to extract value from them by growing nutritious food. Our own waste products are then sent to gardeners and farmers to help them continue the efficient use of our natural resources. From the bottom to the top, we are focused on making our food system stronger, more resilient, and better for the planet.” said Kevin Melman, Owner and Founder of FUNJ. Shrooming Company.

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