Fraser Tea Focuses on Quality Variety and Sustainability as Carbonfree® Partner

May 02, 2018

With more than 100 varieties and counting, the founders of Fraser Tea blend bold new flavors with fresh organic ingredients to enhance health benefits, mood and lifestyles.  Family-owned and operated Fraser Tea offers over 100 varieties of organic tea available both loose leaf or in plant based pyramidal sachets, using a plant based material in tea sachets and all packaging is compostable, biodegradable or recyclable.

“As we grow, Fraser Tea will strive to create an organization that limits its waste, and becomes carbon neutral,” says John Fraser, Director.  “ will help us achieve these goals.”

The Carbonfree® Partnership Program proved to be a simple and affordable solution to reach Fraser Tea’s sustainability goal of carbon neutrality, by supporting’s third-party validated renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects globally to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the threat of climate change.

The Fraser brothers grew up in a family of 11 – all sharing a common appreciation for tea and the culture that surrounds it. Exploring teas turned from passion to a profession when John, Tom and Bernard Fraser, after years of study and experimenting with tea, decided they could offer healthier more flavorful options. Selecting the finest tea, using only organic ingredients and a delivery method to preserve the health benefits of the product was their goal. Besides extensive study with the International Tea Masters Association, the brothers collaborated with Asian and British Tea masters and herbalists in the perfection of their craft.

Together the Fraser Brothers continue their journey to explore tea cultures, embracing sustainable farms across the globe who share their high standards of quality, flavor and environmental practices, and partnering in sustainability leadership among fine tea purveyors.