Fourth of July Travel is Up, Propel Fuels Helps Keep Travel Emissions Down

July 03, 2012

This year, AAA is predicting record-high travel, up almost 5% over last year’s holiday weekend travel and possibly tying the high mark set in 2007.   As US Independence Day approaches, it’s a great time to re-evaluate what you’re doing to reduce your carbon footprint and the greenhouse gas emissions you’re responsible for generating, harming our environment and contributing to climate change.

If you live in California or the Seattle, Washington area, or are traveling there this week, you have the opportunity to declare your independence from the negative environmental impacts of fuel emissions from your vehicle.  CarbonFree® Partner Propel Fuels provides its customers with flex fuel and biodiesel choices, and with an innovative at-the-pump option to neutralize the carbon emissions from each gas tank fill-up at their Clean Mobility Centers.

Propel Fuels’ unique CarbonOffset option is available right at the pump, and for $1 per fill-up, you can neutralize the driving emissions associated with your fuel purchase by directly funding clean air projects through, like the Truck Stop Electrification Project.

In mid-May, Propel Fuels began opening its Clean Mobility Centers, redefining the average fueling experience with several key station features:

  • Renewable (Flex Fuel E85 and biodiesel) and conventional fuel choices
  • Carbon Offset options through for fuel purchases
  • Free air for tires for better MPGs
  • Free self-serve air and tools for bikes
  • Recycling at the pump

Propel’s Clean Fuel Points at its other stations offer renewable Flex Fuel E85 and biodiesel fuel, to help reduce carbon emissions with these cleaner fuel options.  And Propel offers its proprietary CleanDrive program, a simple, free way to track and report your CO2 emissions reductions as a result of the CarbonOffset program.  CleanDrive reporting is a fun way to share the positive impact of your fuel choices with family and friends across your network, and CleanDrive members receive exclusive promotions and are registered to win free Propel fuel and other prizes with every fill.

This week, Propel Fuels is sponsoring a Declare Your Independence photo contest that celebrates American-made fuels and their new CarbonOffset option.

So this Fourth of July, you don’t need a new car to have a smaller carbon footprint.  Declare your independence from foreign oil with Propel’s Flex Fuel E85 and biodiesel options, and reduce your holiday travel footprint by choosing the CarbonOffset option and helping our transition to a ZeroCarbon World™.