Forever Cheese, LG Electronics and other Partners Take Advantage of’s Earth Day 2012 Tree Planting Promotion

April 19, 2012

Earth Day 2012 can be one of the most successful yet with early planning from organizations like and partners like Forever Cheese. is pleased to offer a 2012 Earth Day promotion that allows businesses to get one free tree planted for every two trees that they purchase. This means that for $2, three trees get planted at locations around the world.

Forever Cheese immediately stepped up and set the bar by planting 7,500 trees globally. LG Electronics is encouraging employees to take individual action and to plant trees during their Earth Day event. MWW Group has planted one tree for every employee. HAVI Global Solutions has planted 600 trees on top of their annual renewal. And Grounds for Change Coffee Roasters is planting a tree for every order placed. The International Legal Technology Association celebrates Earth Day by honoring its milestone in membership growth and pledging to plant 1,500 trees, one for each member. ACT Global Sports has pledged to plant 600 trees as part of their Earth Day commemoration, and Steptoe & Johnson is planting 750 trees.

With the help of Forever Cheese and other partners, is confident that we can reach our goal to plant a million. In 2011, we planted over 325,000 trees.  Earth Day 2012 provides a perfect celebration for businesses to be a part of this collaborative, global effort, and help us reach a million planted trees.

Since, deforestation is responsible for about 20% of climate change, reforestation has to be part of the solution in order to turn the tide of climate change Tree planting projects sequester CO2 from the atmosphere, prevent erosion, protect biodiversity, and provide renewable resources for local communities. Planting trees provides flood control by minimizing runoff and the loss of top soil, provides habitat and nutrition for wildlife and nurseries for local fish populations, and offers alternative economic livelihoods for local communities in the form of managing tree nurseries and planting, assisting with regulation of the water and
nutrient cycle. That is why this promotion is a win-win for both planet and people. And why so many partners have chosen to participate.

The promotion is running through the month of April, so please email if you would like to take advantage of the 3 for 2 special. Or, plant trees year round by visiting: