Forever Cheese – Carbon Reductions Since 2007

January 09, 2012

cheeseForever Cheese announced on January 4th, that since 2007  (including their recent 2011 donation) it has offset its carbon emissions by 11 million lbs. or over 5000 metric tons! Through this partnership with Foundation, Forever Cheese is actively supporting reforestation and renewable energy such as wind and solar, actively demonstrating the proactive steps it is taking to fight against global climate change.

Forever Cheese, importer of unique cheeses and specialty foods from Italy, Spain, Portugal & Croatia, has spent the past 5 years making donations that are the equivalent of carbon emissions from over 560,000 gallons of gasoline consumed, the electricity use (both solar and wind) of over 600 homes for one year or the carbon sequestered annually by over 1000 acres of pine forest.

This year they have invested 80% of their funds in U.S. renewable energy projects (including both wind and solar) and 20% of their funds on reforestation.  Forever Cheese uses recyclable materials whenever possible in the office and is actively looking to increase their commitment to preserving the environment. This combination of both internal and external carbon reductions helps Forever Cheese reach their sustainability objectives while protecting important biodiversity and encouraging the shift to clean energy solutions.

Michele Buster, Vice President of Forever Cheese, commented that she was looking for a way to make a greater difference on the environment and to the community than just her commitment to wind energy at home and thus engaged her company to support renewable energy for a more far reaching effect.

Forever Cheese is dedicated to sourcing the most unique and highest quality cheeses and specialty foods  of the Mediterranean. For the last 15 years owners Michele Buster and Pierluigi Sini have been importing and educating Americans on these unusual and fantastic products., the leading nonprofit carbon offset and climate solution organizations, supports third party renewable energy in the U.S and abroad to reduce CO2 pollution. The support Foundation receives for carbon reduction projects offer important climate change solutions that benefits both planet and people. Foundation helps both social and environmental commitments by supporting third-party validated renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects around the world.

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