Forest for the Trees Limited Becomes Carbonfree® Partner

September 27, 2016

Online fashion retailer Forest for the Trees aims to share and connect sustainable, ethical and philanthropic fashion brands with socially and environmentally conscious consumers. Founded by two sisters who love fashion, but don’t think that fashion and sustainability need to be mutually exclusive, the online fashion retail site was born out of their own struggle to shop for conscious fashion.

Forest for the Trees’ founders believe that if customers have the choice between any other fashion brand and one that is doing good for the planet, they might just choose the latter – fashion that “sees the big picture.”

As part of Forest for the Trees’ commitment to environmental responsibility, they’ve become a Carbonfree® Business Partner, neutralizing thirty-six metric tonnes of carbon emissions by making a donation to support’s renewable energy and carbon emissions reduction projects.

“While we are a small business, we wanted to partner with to limit the impact we’re having on the environment to ensure that not only is what we’re selling focused on sustainability but so is how we operate,” explains Steph Bradley, Director and Co-Founder of Forest for the Trees.

Their business is built around the idea to improve the sustainability of the fashion industry, and it features brands that are using recycled or scrap material in their fashions, reducing water or energy consumption in their business processes, contributing to environmental sustainability through tree-planting campaigns or support of environmental causes, or using more environmentally friendly materials.  In addition, the Forest for the Trees supply chain model uses a drop shipping arrangement to ensure that shipping is straight from the brand to the customer, thus reducing carbon emissions associated with product shipments. welcomes Trees for the Future to the Carbonfree® Business Partnership program.