Flexport and Continues Innovative Work with on Carbon Neutral Shipping Opportunities for Customers

April 18, 2018

Flexport is a freight forwarding and customs brokerage company based in San Francisco, California. Flexport is the first international freight forwarder and customs brokerage built around an online dashboard. Shipping something from Shenzhen to Cincinnati or Rotterdam to LA requires complex coordination. Currently that’s done by telephones, spreadsheets, and fax machines. Flexport provides a web-based app that offers real-time visibility for these shipments. Flexport offers services in air freight, ocean freight trucking and delivery, warehouse & fulfillment, customs clearances, and cargo insurance.

Since its inception, Flexport has worked to simplify shipping for their clients. They recently launched, taking their responsibility for their global impact one step further. With millions of data points at hand, they’ve designed programs to reduce global carbon emissions and provide low-cost logistics solutions for shipments dedicated to the greater good. Their volunteering program also helps employees to make an impact in their nine global offices. In addition, Flexport uses its network of nonprofit and for-profit companies to match available resources with global and local needs.

The International Maritime Organization (a UN group of 173 countries) decided last week to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008. Although the agreement is an important step toward a sustainable future, more action is needed to align with the Paris Agreement goals. Flexport built a program that allows companies to measure, reduce and offset their carbon emissions.

Flexport’s carbon calculator provides real-time data on carbon emissions on a shipment level. Because the calculation is automated within the platform, any changes in cargo dimensions or routing are instantly accounted for. In partnership with Foundation, their Carbon Offset Program also allows customers to purchase carbon credits to make their shipments carbon neutral.  Flexport is thrilled to announce Flexport’s next step of lowering emissions for all their clients: Starting June 1, 2018, Flexport will offset 100% of the emissions of Flexport LCL (less than container load) shipments.

“We are very excited about the launch of and their commitment to offset 100% of Flexport LCL shipments,” said Eric Carlson, President of Foundation, “Flexport is working to make a significant impact on mitigating climate change by providing opportunities to support world-class carbon offset projects.”

One of the projects that Flexport customers support is the Envira Amazonia Project located in northwestern Brazil. The venture will conserve over 480,000 acres of tropical rainforests (home to howler monkeys, freshwater dolphins, and many endangered species), while providing the rural community there with a new school, a new health clinic, and sustainable economic opportunities. Flexport customers also support our Truck Stop Electrification Project which reduces tailpipe emissions from freight trucks that transport our consumer goods all across the country. Foundation is very excited about this innovative partnership with Flexport and and their customers working to support our foundation’s world class climate change mitigation projects and carbon offset programs.

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