Fixing the World, One Piece of Hardware at a Time

October 24, 2011

Things break. You drop your iPod, trip over your Mac’s power cord, or your display wears out. Wear and tear is normal, but throwing away repairable devices shouldn’t be. The goal of iFixit is to provide everyday consumers with everything you need to fix things yourself. “You can fix it. We make it easy,” assure the iFixit team. iFixit is a repair community of people showing people how to fix things. They help thousands of people repair their devices every day. And every time you fix something, you help the planet by keeping hardware out of landfills. iFixit was started in 2003 by Luke Soules and Kyle Wiens in a college dorm room, when they started out fixing an old iBook together. There were no instructions on how to do it, so they started the way everyone does: the hard way. They tinkered, fiddled, broke some tabs and lost a few screws. But they fixed it! And the concept for iFixit was born. Easy-to-use repair instructions didn’t exist — yet. Most consumer devices lacked repair instructions, so Luke and Kyle wrote some instructions and posted them online, for free. For the first time, it was easy for someone with no technical background or experience to take apart a Mac. Their step-by-step instructions were enabling people to repair Macs they wouldn’t have been able to repair on their own. Next, iFixit created a collaborative community for self-taught device repairers to share what they know online. All repair information is collaboratively edited. If you ask an interesting question or write a useful answer, other people may come along and categorize it with tags or edit the text. The goal is to build a database of solutions to hardware problems that is useful for years to come, to give people the information, parts, and tools they need to make their things work as long as possible. The answers to repair questions provided on are free, and will always be free. iFixit sells parts for device repair, to fund their mission of helping people fix things. iFixit provides useful information about electronics recycling and the global problems created by e-waste.  And iFixit maintains a business partnership with to offset its business operation and travel emissions, and to help support’s mission and projects leading the effort to address climate change. As Luke and Kyle put it, “We’re all in this thing together, and if we work together we can fix the planet. Join us.”