Five Ways to “Brighten” Your Life

August 25, 2010

Our partner Viva-Lite shares their perspective with us in a guest blog this week. If you haven’t checked out their full spectrum lights yet, make sure you do. They make a huge difference in your mood, your health, your productivity and the way you work. Below, Viva-Lite’s founders offer their top five places to switch to full spectrum lights and brighten your life: 1. Offices and factories

Are you in charge of people who are spending the majority of their day under artificial light? Then you may want to investigate the difference that full-spectrum lighting can make to their health and performance. 2. Farmers, especially poultry farmers, zoos and animal houses Birds are especially affected by the quality of light in their living environments. In the absence of direct sunlight, full-spectrum lighting can help birds and other animals thrive. 3. Nurseries and greenhouses Plants are sensitive to the quality of light that surrounds them. Poor quality light can limit their growth and productivity. Where plants don’t have access to true sunlight you can use full-spectrum lighting to get better results than ordinary artificial light.

For people who spend the majority of their day at a computer, full-spectrum li ghting can improve performance. © Gerard J. Corts

4. Graphic design, photography and print industries In an industry that prizes aesthetics and accuracy, lighting is crucial. Artificial light replicates only a portion of the sun’s spectrum meaning that the colors you see under artificial light will differ from what you would see under sunlight (or full-spectrum light). Consider changing your lights to full-spectrum lighting. 5. Your home To brighten your home and keep your family cheerful, consider installing full spectrum lighting in your house’s well trafficked rooms. Viva-Lite invites anyone who is interested in how light affects all our lives to subscribe to their free educational newsletter or to visit their website today.