Five Create Ltd. Joins Carbonfree Small Business Partnership as Part of Sustainability Initiative

July 06, 2021

The Five Create team is driven by the mission to innovate green technology and materials to regenerate the world. 

Bringing together passionate designers with solid marketing and business acumen, Five Create designs and distributes original innovative products that remove environmentally damaging products from the earth and replaces them with friendlier alternatives.  

As a way to take responsibility for the firm’s own operating emissions, Five Create chose to join the Carbonfree Small Business Partnership Program, neutralizing 36 metric tonnes of operating emissions by supporting Carbonfund’s Amazonian Rainforest Conservation Projects

“In our efforts to become carbon neutral, we chose Carbonfund as a trustworthy and simple choice to help us achieve our aims,” explains James Whitfield, Managing Director.  “Using this partnership as a strong foundation, we can now aim to build further on our sustainable promises, to deliver green technology to individuals who seek to make conscious consumer choices.” 

As a team, Five Create wants to exist and design, produce and distribute products in the most Earth-friendly way possible.  The firm strives to be completely carbon-neutral and aims to remove plastic completely from their products and offer sustainable solutions that puts the combat of climate change into the hands of everyone.