Farr Associates Enhances Sustainability Initiatives through Carbonfree® Partnership

February 22, 2019

Farr Associates is a firm of optimistic architects and planners who are passionate about cities, sustainability and leadership. The firm’s best work results from close collaboration with clients on projects that aspire to attain social, economic and environmental goals, often at the crossroads of urbanism and architecture.

“We try really hard to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible, but unfortunately, because systems are in place that require fossil fuels and result in carbon emissions, we can’t be as effective as we’d like,” explains Gabrielle Peterson, Marketing Director.  “This is why we are partnering with – to identify and track opportunities where we can improve and offset the small amount of carbon emissions that we can’t eliminate yet.”

By joining the Carbonfree® Business Partnership Program, Farr Associates is reducing a portion of its annual carbon emissions from business operations through support of’s high-quality and third-party validated carbon emissions offset projects around the world.

Farr Associates’ legacy of leadership in sustainable planning is admirable.  The firm’s practice — “scaled up sustainability” – is years ahead of any demand for such work. Several strategies are employed to reduce firm-wide negative human environmental impact are as follows:

  • Committing to environmental accountability and transparency through designation as a Benefit Corporation and Just Organization.
  • Focusing on “theory of change” that involves collectively working toward a meaningful and magnified impact through the identification of long-term goals.
  • Designing all projects with the firm’s AIA 2030 commitment in mind.
  • Evaluating multiple envelope and mechanical systems to optimize performance.
  • Accounting for embodied carbon emissions.
  • Reducing average monthly office energy use (kWh) from 2017 baseline by 10%.
  • Offsetting all office, business travel, and paper usage carbon emissions through
  • Encouraging the firm’s building owner to invest in smart controls for tenant plug loads and building-wide heating & cooling equipment. welcomes Farr Associates to the Carbonfree® Business Partnership Program and looks forward to assisting the firm with other sustainability initiatives.