EZLandlordForms Reduces Emissions by Reducing Paper Usage

June 20, 2012

According to the Environmental Paper Network’s “The State of the Paper Industry 2011”, the average North American utilizes just over 500 pounds of paper each year.  While this annual average has declined in recent years, it remains the highest per capita paper consumption by continent.

Any of us who has rented an apartment, entered into a lease agreement or served as a property manager or landlord knows that the lease/rental process requires various forms, agreements, notifications and contracts to be reviewed and signed.  One of our newest CarbonFree® Partners, EZLandlordForms, is making it easier – and greener – for property managers, landlords and renters to complete the required lease and rental agreement process online, thus reducing the carbon emissions associated with the process.

EZLandlordForms was founded in 2005 by Kevin Kiene, a landlord who finally decided to build the perfect lease for himself. Today, EZLandlordForms provides comprehensive, state-specific legal forms for property managers and landlords through the online documents library and platform.  They also offer a variety of free rental and landlord forms, tools to customize lease agreements and resources through their landlords’ forum.

Now, the leasing and rental process can begin by selecting the appropriate state-required forms and disclosures from the EZLandlordForms library, downloading the forms, emailing between landlord and tenant until all provisions are agreed, then using any compatible e-signature service to complete the process for an environmentally conscious, print-free written communication process.  No more printing, signing, and scanning documents back and forth!

As an industry leader in fighting the effects of climate change, and as an e-business, EZLandlordForms already has a relatively small carbon footprint, but they’re further reducing their operational carbon footprint by maintaining a virtual office environment and neutralizing all remaining operational emissions through their CarbonFree® Partnership.  We at are thrilled to be part of this effort to reduce paper waste and unnecessary emissions while simplifying the lease and rental process.