Evolution Marketing Expands Environmental Commitment through Carbonfree® Partnership

August 23, 2019
Evolution Marketing

Evolution Marketing, LLC is a Wisconsin based women-owned Certified B Corp™ specializing in the area of global sustainability storytelling, environmentally responsible creative design and marketing.  The firm also offers a variety of consulting services within the fields of sustainability, supply chain management, organic/natural food, farming and third-party responsible business certifications.

“We were thrilled to learn about the Carbonfree® Partner Program for small businesses,” says Lisa Geason-Bauer, President of Evolution Marketing, LLC.  “At Evolution Marketing we strive to make low carbon business decisions, from driving an all-electric zero emission vehicle to working with a local farm family to compost all our food waste.  Through our partnership with we are able to off-set our small office footprint, and demonstrate in a transparent manner to all of our stakeholders (i.e. clients, community members, and contracted staff) our commitment to building a low carbon economy.”

Now, Evolution Marketing is a Carbonfree® Small Business Partner, neutralizing more than its calculated annual operating emissions by supporting the purchase and retirement of high-quality, third-party validated and verified voluntary carbon offsets through  Evolution Marketing chose to support a low impact renewable energy project taking place in the Midwest, the Lincoln Nebraska’s Bluff Road Municipal Solid Waste Landfill gas collection and control project.  “We are proud to support the Bluff Road Landfill Project because it is helping to build a resilient infrastructure for renewable energy within our region,” explained Geason-Bauer.

“At, we continue to be so impressed when businesses such as Evolution Marketing take seriously their operational carbon footprint, make serious strides to reduce their carbon emissions, then spread the word among clients and colleagues, encouraging others to do the same,” says Linda Kelly, Vice President of Partnerships at  “We are honored that Evolution Marketing is extending its leadership role in operational sustainability by joining our Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership Program and voluntarily neutralizing more carbon emissions than the business creates on an annual basis.”

In addition to being experts at communications,  the members of the Evolution Marketing team are also practitioners of sustainable business initiatives.  Since the founding of Evolution Marketing in 2007, the  business has been managed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.  They completed their first carbon footprint analysis in 2010 and have taken several proactive steps to reduce their carbon emissions over the last nine years.  Check out their carbon story.   In addition to being practitioners of sustainability actions they are also advocates for a low carbon future.  In June of 2017, Evolution Marketing was one of the first 1000 signatories to join the “We Are Still In” campaign and as such they are committed to limiting their carbon usage whenever possible.  Click here to learn more about their commitment to the Paris Agreement.