EVO Management Services Partners with to Reduce Emissions

June 09, 2020

EVO is a national transportation and parking management company that provides transportation/parking services, ridership reporting, logistics, and on-site management and staff for conventions, corporate and special events, major sporting events, concerts, music festivals and emergency evacuations, across all major US cities and in Toronto and Montreal, Canada.

EVO is concerned about the impact of “global warming” and is committed to reducing carbon and greenhouse gases, supporting carbon emissions offset projects and enforcing local municipal restrictions for “bus idling” during events.  As part of this commitment, EVO recently joined the Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership Program.

“As a member of, EVO has the ability to not only participate in reforestation and renewable energy projects on behalf of our clients, but also access to new information and cutting-edge projects that will help support us in the in the fight against climate change,” explains John D. Howell, Founder & CEO.

Through the Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership Program, Evo Management Services neutralized almost 80,000 pounds of carbon emissions, equivalent to the emissions created by driving a typical passenger car almost 90,000 miles, and offers its transportation clients the option to offset carbon emissions from EVO event transportation services.