Everything But Stromboli Joins Carbonfree Small Business Partnership

June 07, 2021

Everything But Stromboli LLC (EBS) fulfills multiple business and personal orders for flash memory. From single order sales to bulk/wholesale orders, EBS offers an array of products in flash memory such as memory cards and flash drives.

As a family owned business, Everything But Stromboli is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and helping to educate families, employees and customers on the importance of renewable energy, reforestation and practical ways to all be more energy efficient.  Part of this commitment led to joining the Carbonfree Small Business Partnership, as a simple way to neutralize business operating emissions by supporting forest conservation and reforestation efforts through Carbonfund around the world.  The team at EBS hopes to do its part to preserve this earth for their children and grandchildren.

Steve Foley started selling flash memory on eBay in 2006 when online sales were beginning its rapid growth.  When he decided to officially pursue this business full-time, his kids and family asked him if he would finally start selling his delicious and locally famous “Foley Stromboli”.  He promptly responded by saying he would sell “Everything But Stromboli”, and the business name was born.  

One of the important values for the Everything But Stromboli team is giving back.  Steve and Patti Foley donate a significant portion of their income to Compassion International, which through child sponsorships provides quality resources, care, and education for families in poverty throughout the world.  EBS is striving to make time each month for volunteer and service opportunities for employees to give back to their communities and beyond.