Energy Saving PC Technology from ePlusGreen

August 08, 2012

Part of’s mission is to emphasize the need to “reduce what you can” when it comes to carbon emissions, and we strive to present our supporters and business partners with methods and new technologies that can help reduce daily operational emissions. partner ePlusGreen provides one such option, a simple energy-saving program for daily computing needs.

The ePlusGreen PC Power Management system includes both social and environmental benefits and is designed to provide individuals and businesses with technology that reduces carbon emissions from daily computer use, saves energy costs and at same time supports’s carbon reduction projects. ePlusGreen’s Power Management software can reduce the carbon footprint of a PC by enabling users to cut power consumption by as much as 30%.

The PC Power Management technology monitors your personal or business computer power consumption and identifies power savings opportunities.  Then the technology automatically implements daily power saving measures that result in reducing energy usage, reducing carbon emissions and saving energy costs. The software will also turn off your computer if you ever forget.  For businesses, the technology also manages the power consumption for printers and calculates paper usage.

Learn more about how you can reduce daily computing emissions and power consumption with ePlusGreen’s PC power management technology.

With daily computer usage the norm, it is important to consider the multiplier effect of millions of PCs in use around the world, and to do your part in conserving energy usage wherever possible. encourages our individual and business partners to constantly be on the lookout for new ways to reduce emissions in every aspect of daily life.

Pair ePlusGreen’s PC Power Management technology with as your preferred search engine, and you’ll be reducing carbon emissions while helping us plant trees.  Every step you take to decrease your carbon footprint is a step forward towards a clean energy future.