Energy efficiency carbon credits by Foundation, based in East Aurora, New York, supports a wide-variety of carbon offset, renewable energy certificate (RECs), and tree planting projects. Such projects include energy efficiency carbon credits. For instance, in the past, one energy efficiency carbon credits project supported by Foundation was a New Zealand-based compact fluorescent lightbulb (CFL) distribution project. One of the longest supported energy efficiency projects is the Truck Stop Electrification Project, which enables truck drivers across the United States and in Mexico to stop idling, which still having access to their onboard services such as heating, cooling, and the radio. The idling reduces fuel usage, provides better resting conditions for drivers, and helps contribute to less engine maintenance. Foundation has also supported a waste heat recovery project in South Korea and several energy efficiency carbon credits projects that involve water purification and clean cookstoves. For example, the Burn Stoves Project provides local communities in Kenya with an efficient, clean cookstove. This project helps the local community by providing local employment at the factory in Nairobi, improves indoor air quality, and reduces the quantity of charcoal needed which contributes to less deforestation. In addition, Foundation has supported the energy efficiency carbon credits project known as the Aqua Clara Water Filtration Programme. This project utilizes a water purifier that displaces the use of firewood by local communities in Kenya. The fuelwood is traditionally used by local communities to boil water for domestic consumption. Similar to the Burn Stoves Project, the Aqua Clara Water Filtration Programme helps to reduce the quantity of fuelwood used to boil water and thus, helps contribute to reducing deforestation.

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