EMKAY’s Go Green Program Going Strong in Creating Carbon Neutral Fleets

October 23, 2018

Some carbon emissions are unavoidable for certain businesses, such as those operating a fleet of vehicles to deliver goods and services.  Fleet Management leader EMKAY’s GoGreen Program is a stand-alone service that EMKAY administers for customers that have a “Green Initiative,” helping their fleet to become 100% carbon neutral and reduce their environmental impact.

Since EMKAY began working with in 2010, the GoGreen Program has neutralized over 20 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.  That’s equivalent to eliminating the greenhouse gases released from burning over a million gallons of gasoline.

The EMKAY GoGreen Program benefits include the ability to:

  • Reduce or Eliminate Your Fleet’s Carbon Footprint
  • Increase Fuel Efficiency
  • Provide Eco-Drive Training for Drivers
  • Use the Go Green Calculator
  • Use the “Carbon Offset” Chart to Neutralize Impact
  • Promote Your Program with Carbon Neutral Branding

EMKAY provides an array of branding and marketing tools to help you share the carbon-consciousness of your fleet.  Through EMKAY’s program, clients’ fleets or a designated portion thereof can ‘go green’ and advance their quest to contribute to a better future for our environment. is proud to partner with EMKAY in helping the GoGreen Fleet program achieve these results.