Ecodelogic Expands Environmental Commitment through Carbonfree® Partnership Program

April 19, 2019

Ecodelogic is an environmentally conscious software development company that strives to reduce the carbon footprint of tech companies while connecting business owners and entrepreneurs to a global workforce of programmers and developers. Ecodelogic offers services such as Mobile App Development, CRM Development and Blockchain Development.

“Our company has a goal to remain carbon neutral which involves our contribution to,” states Jennifer Wheeler, Director of Operations.  “We chose to partner with as a way to offset the resources used by our organization. It is important to us that we give back.”

By joining the Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership Program, Ecodelogic has neutralized 72 metric tonnes of annual business operating emissions by supporting’s energy efficiency projects that are creating new technologies to use less fuel to perform the same quantity of work.

Utilizing some of the most accurate calculators and technologies available, Ecodelogic can track any business activities generating carbon emissions and that may not fall within the realms of a 100% “green” company. The company takes pride in trying to maintain a net zero carbon footprint and want to encourage all businesses to try and find a similar solution for themselves. Carbon neutrality doesn’t mean cutting the cord entirely from emissions or waste, but it does suggest that you’ve taken the initiative to try and counteract the negative environmental impact that your business has caused.