Eagle-Eye Tours Celebrates Twenty Years of Tours and Ten Years Carbonfree®

June 09, 2016

Born from a love of birding and travel, and always with an eye on environmental responsibility, Eagle-Eye Tours celebrates more than twenty years of extraordinary nature tour guiding, with the past ten years as a Certified Carbonfree® Company.  Eagle-Eye Tours travel to all the world’s continents, viewing an incredible array of birds and other amazing wildlife in small group tours with its experienced tour leaders.

Concerned about climate change and the carbon dioxide emissions from tour operations, Eagle-Eye Tours made the decision ten years ago to offset the impact of its annual emissions and neutralize their contribution to climate change.  All travel equates to more carbon dioxide emissions added to a warming atmosphere. Eagle-Eye Tours does as much as they can to reduce operating emissions then partners with to offset the rest.

“We travel the world enjoying birds and other wildlife, but realize that many of these species are threatened by climate change,” explains Cam Gillies, Director of Eagle-Eye Tours.  “We are excited to continue to offset the carbon emissions from our operations and to take concrete action in the conservation of the biodiversity we so enjoy.”

Through the program, Eagle-Eye Tours and calculate the annual operating emissions from all of guide and participant flights during their tours, vehicle use and operations, ship use, and the electricity used by the Eagle-Eye Tours office. uses the offset donations to purchase carbon credits from renewable energy projects and retires the carbon credit on behalf of Eagle-Eye Tours.  All tour participants also have the option to offset their flights to get to the start of the Eagle-Eye tour so they also can travel carbon-neutral.

Over the past ten years, Eagle-Eye Tours has neutralized almost 3.4 million pounds of greenhouse gases.  That’s equivalent to removing the emissions created by combusting over 3500 gallons of gasoline from the atmosphere. joins with Eagle-Eye Tours in celebrating twenty years of environmentally-focused nature tour operations and maintaining a commitment to operate Carbonfree®.