E-Learning Leader Articulate Reaches Tenth Anniversary Carbonfree®

August 26, 2019

An industry-leading e-learning software company with more than 200 employees, Articulate has been fully remote since its founding in 2002. With no carbon-heavy offices, Articulate has kept its carbon footprint naturally low. But that wasn’t enough for this environmentally conscious company.

Celebrating its 10th year as a Carbonfree® Business Partner, Articulate annually calculates its emissions from business operations then neutralizes those emissions by supporting’s third-party validated and verified voluntary carbon offset projects producing energy efficiency technologies, renewable energy, and conserving critical forest lands that continue to sequester carbon dioxide.

In the past ten years, Articulate’s carbon offset donations have neutralized over 3 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.  That’s the same as removing the carbon dioxide produced by burning over 153,000 gallons of gasoline.

“We’ve always operated Articulate with the belief that business can be a force for good in the world,” said Lucy Suros, the president of Articulate. “Offsetting our carbon footprint is just one way that we’re living our commitment to building a business that’s not only wildly successful, but that also contributes to the health of our employees, customers, and planet.”

At the heart of the culture at Articulate is empowering people to live better lives.  The leadership demonstrated through Articulate’s environmental commitment to Carbonfree® operations underscores its principle to making the world a better place.