CUB Enterprises Brings Socially-Responsible “Green” Brands to Customers

March 07, 2012

Clai Unified Business Enterprises, Inc., aka CUB Enterprises, is a consolidated enterprise of several companies under the direction of Entrepreneur Christopher Clai. CUB Enterprises operates in several industries, including but not limited to: online media, information technology, marketing, business consulting, wellness, electrical consulting, broadcasting, sports, and entertainment.

The mission of CUB Enterprises is to provide socially-responsible brands and “be the change and innovation we seek to see in the industries we serve”.  CUB Enterprises promises to remain innovative and cutting-edge, giving you the best possible solutions for all of your business needs.

Two of CUB Enterprises’ businesses include Innoverti and Nutrition Bear.  Innoverti is a business services and marketing firm, specifically oriented toward start-ups, and small to medium businesses. Innoverti has five business verticals: general business consulting, online and offline marketing services, training, phone systems (VoIP), and web design focused on SEO.  Innoverti also offers a wealth of free advice, and information for business’s on its blog from the founders of CUB Enterprises, Inc., other key team members, and guest bloggers.  Innoverti began offering its services to companies in the 2nd quarter of 2011.

Launched in March 2011, Nutrition Bear is a customer-centric sports nutrition and personal wellness online retailer. Nutrition Bear strives to be a “partner” in its customers health and wellness goals by providing safe and potent products, rapid shipping, consumer education, and sound advice from certified professionals.

CUB Enterprises has focused on being a green company since its inception. Every year, the Board of Directors finds new ways to reduce the firm’s environmental footprint and encourage business partners and customers to do the same. CUB Enterprises:

  • Purchases carbon offsets at the end of each fiscal year to make their operation carbon neutral;
  • Offers a recycling program for nutrition bear customers who are unable to recycle their used containers, paying return shipping to have the waste properly recycled;
  • Is working to make their organization paperless by 2013 and to offer solutions to help other industries make the transition as well;
  • Operates a fuel-efficient fleet of vehicles that achieve a minimum 25 mpg or greater, and keeps them well maintained.

“Our environmental commitment is a core value to our company. We will lead our industry in green efforts as we grow. We chose to partner with because of their various projects, and the ease of doing business with them.” – Christopher Clai, CEO