Copenhagen Update: The Waiting Game

December 18, 2009


I have spent my career thus far fighting climate change. From standing up to big coal in Virginia to helping businesses and individuals fight climate change now with – all I have thought about for years has been climate change. The UN COP15 climate meetings in Copenhagen should have ended by now, and probably should have ended in the failure to produce a global treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But, as the New York Times has put it, our world leaders are heading into overtime to try and strike a last minute deal. Nobody wants to leave Copenhagen without a deal – that just looks bad for all parties involved. And as Eric Carlson,’s President and Copenhagen attendee stated, “It is normal for these types of negotiations to be tension filled and prolonged.” But I am sitting here in agony (metaphorically speaking), waiting for what could amount to either be one of the most important announcements of my lifetime or another huge let down. Climate stability is too important for our world leaders to leave Copenhagen empty handed. I am anxiously awaiting a statement of victory – a deal has been reach and emissions will be reduced. Follow on Facebook and Twitter for updates and news from Copenhagen!