Coombes Development Joins Carbonfree Small Business Partnership

November 29, 2021

Coombes Development Joins Carbonfree Small Business Partnership

Coombes Development, a Settle based development company, engages in building projects that are energy efficient, strengthen neighborhoods, and are mindful of our resources through reclaiming legacy materials.

Coombes Development is passionate about working on projects that meet and exceeding 4 Start Built Green Status, reclaiming and recycling building materials in an effort to keep items out of landfills and all of our landscape designs include drought tolerant plants.

The firm is intentionally green and committed to sustainability of both life and business. Coombes Development decided to partner with Carbonfund and joined the Carbonfree Business Partnership Program to neutralize its estimated annual operating emissions.  Coombes Development’s donation to has neutralized 36 metric tonnes of greenhouse gases emissions by supporting Carbonfund’s third-party validated and verified carbon offset projects around the world.

“A 1% change daily adds up to a big change over time.  It doesn’t take 1 person or mega-company to make a big change, it takes a community working together making small changes, to change the world.   Becoming partners with Carbonfund is just one more step in the right direction to do what is right for the planet and reduce our carbon footprint,” siad Amanda Weber, Operations Manager .

Coombes Development is committed to understanding how the built environment interacts with the natural one.