Cooking a Better Turkey & Saving Energy

November 24, 2010

Ever wanted a more moist turkey from your oven? You can also make your Thanksgiving greener by using a True Liberty™ Turkey Bag. Fresh on the scene, True Liberty Bags of Sonoma County is reducing its business operations’ carbon footprint by partnering with True Liberty has joined a national movement of businesses and organizations that are leading the fight against climate change. True Liberty Bags were created around the the growing need for a better way to access food storage and cooking bags with less packaging. The other advantage of cooking with a turkey bag? It can reduce the cooking time, thus saving energy use at home. “We really wouldn’t be able to do this without the support of other like-minded businesses. The bigger picture can be seen through the structure of its parts, and we are just one part, trying to do our part,” said True Liberty’s Daniel Martin. “Giving back to the environment means that we are giving back to our communities, its members, and its longevity.”