Convoy launches carbon offset program to run carbon neutral shipments and help customers meet emissions goals

November 11, 2020

Today Convoy announced another step toward their goal of zero waste in shipping with their carbon offset program, in partnership with Foundation. This program, one of the first full truckload focused offset offerings, gives businesses the ability to ship carbon neutral with carbon offsets.

Convoy, a Seattle-based digital freight network, connects shippers with carriers and uses their technology to help shippers quantify their supply chain footprint. There has been a shift in the way sustainability advocates see scope 3 and the urgency with which companies address it — just in the last few years. Carbon offsets are an effective way for shippers to counteract their scope 3 carbon emissions produced during transportation.

Convoy estimates that full truckload freight shipping emits over 200 million metric tons of CO2 on an annual basis, and businesses regularly struggle with reducing and offsetting emissions from transportation due to limitations in reporting and tracking of the third parties involved. Convoy’s offset offering provides shippers a clean way to approach this problem.

Convoy is continuously working on reducing empty miles and the emissions associated with them through features such as Automated Reloads and Green Appointment Windows, but there are still emissions produced moving products where they need to be. By voluntarily purchasing a carbon offset, Shippers can address these emissions and commit to building a more sustainable supply chain.

Convoy has partnered with to invest in offset projects that create environmental benefits and improvements to their local communities, such as:

Read more about Convoy’s program on their blog here. Learn more about Convoy’s sustainability commitment here.