Common Good Coffee Extends Sustainability to Include Carbon Neutral Operations

September 29, 2020

Common Good Coffee (CGC) is a philanthropically focused craft coffee roastery that believes that good coffee should be good for everyone involved, from the farms where it’s grown to the community the CGC business owners, roasters, and baristas serve.

As part of a continued commitment to operational sustainability, Common Good Coffee recently joined the Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership Program, neutralizing its estimated annual carbon footprint through by supporting renewable energy, forest conservation, and reforestation projects.

“The longer I have been in this business the more I have learned how hard coffee can be on our planet. From worldwide shipping and enormous packaging waste, to the deforestation and pollution that occurs at the farm level, I knew we had to do the work to make a product that lived up to our name,” explains Ryan Beagley-Reiner, Co-Owner.  “By sourcing coffee from producers who use ecologically sustainable farming practices, switching to more environmentally sustainable packaging, and by offsetting our carbon footprint, we are making huge strides to ensure that our coffee is not only vibrant and flavorful, but that it truly works for the common good.”

CGC is committed to supporting an ethical supply chain in its purchasing, operations, and sales. This means coffee that is good for people and the planet. CGC purchases from farms committed to ecologically sustainable practices – farms containing native hardwood shade trees, that don’t use synthetic pesticides and insecticides, and who are committed to responsible water use and waste management. In 2020, CGC began replacing single-use packaging with recyclable & post-consumer materials, and now through the partnership with, CGC has begun completely offsetting its estimated annual carbon footprint.

CGC works with specialty coffee importers and producers to source quality, flavorful, and traceable coffee, that exceeds specialty coffee standards and is environmentally and socially sustainable. The company roasts in small-batches and dedicates the time and attention required to bring out the beautiful and unique flavors of each coffee’s origin.