Collars With Color Couples Environmental Commitment with Animal Protection

September 12, 2012 helps businesses of all sizes to augment their environmental commitments and sustainability initiatives by providing the Carbonfree® Business Partnership program as a simple and affordable way to calculate and offset the operational emissions they cannot eliminate.  While many environmentally-conscious components may go into their business plans, Carbonfree® Business Partners are able to achieve true operational sustainability by supporting our clean air technology and carbon reduction projects.

One of our Carbonfree® Business Partners, Collars With Color, is a wife-and-husband team making dog and cat collars, leashes, and harnesses made from hemp and organic cotton.  Hemp is a naturally renewable resource with high durability and hypoallergenic qualities.   Despite this environmentally-sound choice for product materials, Collars With Color recognized that they were using other sources of energy in their manufacturing and shipping processes that could not be eliminated.  For that reason, they chose to partner with to offset the full carbon emissions impact of their business operations.

“Protecting animals and protecting the earth are very interrelated – both give us so much and ask for nothing in return but respect and love,” says Kevin Rehmer, Co-owner of Collars With Color. “Just like partnering with animal rescues is more efficient than trying to rescue animals ourselves, partnering with is an easy yet effective way to ensure that we do not leave a carbon footprint.”

Have you evaluated the full environmental impact of your business operations?  Whether your business is small or large, can assist you in measuring, reducing and neutralizing your annual operational emissions in an easy and affordable way.