Collaborative Coaching Commits to Carbon Neutral Operations with

August 07, 2018

Collaborative Coaching LLC of New York City supports the human interactions that drive the success of their business and non-profit clients, by coaching leaders and teams to effectively and authentically role-model collaborative behaviors.

As part of their training philosophy, the team at Collaborative Coaching believes that businesses can be a force of good.  To model this behavior, the firm chose to certify as B Corporation – voluntarily holding themselves responsible to higher social and environmental standards – and conducting their own business carbon-neutral is a key commitment for the firm.

Collaborative Coaching chose to join the Carbonfree® Business Partnership program to neutralize operational emissions and unavoidable employee business travel.

“Climate change poses huge risks for our communities and environment,” says Yosh Beier, Managing Partner at Collaborative Coaching.  “As a consulting business, we cannot avoid travel to serve our clients, but we can neutralize our carbon footprint as a business.”

A crucial part of the company’s mission is to inspire and facilitate collaborative growth where organizations are conscious of the impact they have on communities and the environment.  Collaborative Coaching’s leadership in its own environmental responsibility and sustainable operations is part of modeling the behaviors taught to business clients – leading by example as a Carbonfree® business.