Chat With Your Bro/Sis About Their Carbon Footprint

April 10, 2009

It’s National Siblings Day, when people appreciate rather than lament their brothers and sisters. Seriously, it’s a good time to have that long awaited chat with him or her, or them, about their carbon footprints. Yes, we all want to know what they have done for you lately, but ask them, what are they doing for the planet this year? If you’re so lucky to have a sibling, talk with them about climate change. Siblings can be great allies in whatever you do. Tell them about reducing what they can to help reduce their carbon footprint and offsetting in support of high-quality carbon reduction projects. Check out’s save energy page as well as our carbon calculators. Don’t forget to tell your siblings that you do love them. Happy Nat’l Siblings Day. Image of Jonas Brothers courtesy of Disney Channel.