Certified Carbonfree® Eco Alkalines™ Batteries Launch with Best Buy Canada

December 10, 2013

Eco Alkalines Batteries are pleased to announce their upcoming launch with Best Buy Canada. Best Buy Canada is the nation’s fastest growing retailer of consumer electronics and shares Eco Alkalines vision for creating and supplying sustainable businesses and communities. 

Best Buy Canada is a specialty retailer and e-tailer of consumer electronics, personal computers and entertainment. Best Buy offers consumers a unique shopping experience with the latest technology and entertainment products, at the right price, with a no-pressure sales environment. 

Best Buy is strongly committed to doing it share in protecting the planet and conserving the earth’s resources. As an electronics retailer company, Best Buy feels a responsibility to prevent old and unwanted electronics from making their way to Canadian landfills, and have been making strides to reduce their energy consumption and environmental footprint. In the spring of 2013, select Best Buys stores across Canada teamed up and collected more than 37,000 pounds of e-waste of local residents. Additionally, every Best Buy location in Canada offers convenient in-store recycling where customers can recycle everything from batteries and cell phones to printers and TVs. Best Buy is also committed to offering sustainable products, and in addition to Eco Alkalines batteries, offers a range of items identified as green.

Like Best Buy Canada, Eco Alkalines batteries are a Canadian company committed to environmental sustainability and green innovation. Eco-Alkalines batteries are environmentally friendly and landfill safe. They are manufactured with earth friendly derivatives and contain 0% trace amounts of harmful metals such as Mercury, Cadmium and Lead. They have been certified as Carbonfree® by reputable eco partners Foundation and NSF Sustainability and can be used to count towards prerequisites and credits in L.E.E.D certified building projects and building operation. 

In addition to their innovative and unique green credentials and applications, Eco Alkalines™ batteries have impressive power and an incredible life span. Performance and longevity tests have been conducted and consistently demonstrate that Eco Alkalines perform equal to or better than the leading national brands. Eco Alkalines have a guaranteed 5-year shelf life and a unique patented leak resistant seal ensuring that they will not leak into your devices. 

Despite their pioneering eco accolades and novel technology, Eco Alkalines batteries are competitively priced compared to the leading national brands. As eco-friendly technology evolves to a ‘must’ rather than a choice, Eco Alkalines does not believe that consumers and companies should have to pay a premium for a green product. 

Customers can purchase Eco Alkalines batteries and other green products through a Best Buy retail store or online at