Celebrate Valentine's Day with "I Love You Tonnes" Donations - Carbonfund.org

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing some love for your sweetheart, children, family, friends… 

…and some love for the Earth!  


Why Support Carbon Offset Projects?

Carbon emissions offset projects promote energy efficiency advancements, renewable energy technology development, and forest conservation efforts around the world.  Your donations directly support these efforts, and you may designate the type(s) of projects that you wish to support.

Why Plant Trees?

Planting trees absorbs carbon dioxide to reduce climate change, improves air quality, preserves biodiversity, controls flooding by minimizing runoff & topsoil loss, provides habitat and nutrition for wildlife, creates jobs managing tree nurseries, planting & care.

Make a “Love You Tonnes” Donation or Plant a Tree for:

  • Your sweetheart and you
  • All the members of your family
  • Cherished friends
  • The employees in your company


Select a preset tree donation below or select your own Valentine’s Day donation amount by clicking here.

Select a “love you tonnes” gift below or select your own Valentine’s Day donation amount by clicking here.

Offset annual carbon footprint for a couple or a family!

  • Load up your cart with Valentine’s Day tonnes or tree-planting gifts!

  • Personalize each gift certificate!

  • Make a positive impact on the environment!

  • Share the love this Valentine’s Day!

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