Celebrate Earth Month With Our Tree Planting Donation Match

April 01, 2021
April is Earth Month. Tree Planting Match. Fight Climate Change. Plant Trees In Madagascar and Kenya.

Every year Earth Day is observed around the world on April 22nd. Here at the Foundation we are committed to the ideals Earth Day stands for and are celebrating all of April as Earth Month. The mission of Earth Day is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. is offering a special Earth Month match on all tree planting donations throughout the month of April. This means your donation will go twice as far and plant double the amount of trees as usual.

Earth Day began on April 22nd, 1970 and is seen as the birth of the modern environmental movement. The first Earth Day mobilized 20 million Americans to call for increased protections on our environment. What started as organized protests on college campuses soon grew into an international movement involving over 190 countries and reaching one billion people worldwide. After five decades Earth Day continues to inspire people around the globe to call for governmental change and to do their part to fight climate change.

One thing that people can do to take action during Earth Month is to participate in’s tree planting event. During the month of April we will match every dollar donated so that your money goes twice as far in the effort to battle global warming. is working with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees in Madagascar and Kenya as part of this special promotion. Every dollar donated will now plant two trees in these pivotal African regions. Over 90% of Madagascar’s original forests have been destroyed and Kenya has seen mismanagement of their ecological heritage.

Planting trees is significant because deforestation is responsible for about 11% of climate change. Protecting forests around the world is a critical step in combating global warming. Planting trees absorbs carbon dioxide, improves air & soil quality, preserves biodiversity, improves habitats and creates jobs. Join during Earth Month to support our tree planting efforts and to help us fight for a better future.