Cascada Expediciones Leads Sustainable Travel Industry by Neutralizing Annual Tour Emissions

March 13, 2018

Cascada Expediciones’ philosophy is simple: to offer guests unique, experiential tourism programs of the highest quality, which allow them to connect with nature and get out of their comfort zones. Cascada Expediciones’ tours create connections with nature through extraordinary experiences that focus on outdoor living, physical activities, and promoting sustainable development with respect for the environment, as well as creating space for guests to connect with each other and meet other travelers.

Cascada Expediciones/EcoCamp Patagonia is recognized by customers and the sustainable travel industry as an industry leader and trailblazer for nature tourism and remote, innovative, and sustainable lodging.

For the past ten years, Cascada has gone above and beyond sustainability efforts by calculating the carbon emissions associated with their tours, then making donations to to neutralize those emissions.  In ten years, Cascada has neutralized 7.5 million pounds of greenhouse gases through this program, supporting critical forest conservation, energy efficiency technology development and renewable energy projects.  Their program has had the equivalent effect of planting over 88,000 tree seedlings and allowing those trees to grow for ten years and absorb carbon dioxide.

Other sustainability principles and initiatives that drive Cascada’s team in their pursuit of truly sustainable ecotourism include:

  • Eco-friendly design that was inspired by the “leave no trace” lifestyle of the Kaweskar tribe in Patagonia
  • Lodging domes designed to be energy-efficient, with natural heating and cooling via large windows, built on elevated platforms to ensure minimal excavation and less disruption for flora and fauna
  • Use of hydraulic and solar energy to power entire site
  • Use of composting toilets, with compost sent to farms as fertilizer
  • Working to reduce plastic waste by only providing guests with reusable water bottles
  • Buying local food and supplies and hiring local talent as much as possible
  • Maintaining EcoCamp greenhouse to grow veggies for tour guests on site
  • Working with and donating time, money, and manpower to the Torres del Paine Legacy Fund, aiding with restoration projects around the park, like replanting lenga trees and installing wooden walkways that protect the flora
  • Encouraging guests to constantly be aware of the waste they produce with reusable bags for their picnic lunches and urging them to reuse the bags
  • Offering guests a tour of EcoCamp that shows them how it operates and educating them on sustainable living congratulates Cascada Expediciones/EcoCamp Patagonia on its tenth anniversary as a Carbonfree® Business Partner and commends their overall commitment to offering environmentally focused and truly sustainable travel experiences.