Carlyle Expands Sustainability Initiatives with Global Carbon Neutrality

November 14, 2018

The Carlyle Group, a global alternative asset manager, helps its portfolio companies and their senior management teams strategize around a range of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) issues.  As stewards of their investors’ capital, Carlyle’s mandate is to invest wisely and create value, and Carlyle believes that sound ESG practices enhance investment processes and outcomes.

Carlyle enters its second decade of ESG leadership focused on three priorities: value creation; robust governance and transparency; and industry leadership on ESG issues.

As the next step in strengthening ESG practices in its own operations, Carlyle implemented a significant initiative this year to conduct its first-ever carbon footprint analysis across all 31 global offices and the activities of roughly 1,600 employees.  Carlyle accomplished this feat with the assistance of environmental consultants with expertise in carbon measurement and estimation, and used the analysis to reduce carbon emissions through various efficiency projects.  To neutralize the remaining estimated carbon emissions from 2017 annual operations, Carlyle chose to partner with and invest in a carbon offset project focused on reducing emissions from long-haul trucks, a service used by many of Carlyle’s portfolio companies.

The firm’s new carbon neutrality program is one of the featured initiatives and client case studies featured in Carlyle’s 2018 Corporate Citizenship Report.  The 2018 Corporate Citizenship Report provides an overview of Carlyle’s corporate citizenship activities and highlights sustainability efforts underway at a number of portfolio companies.

In the report, Carlyle Co-Chief Executive Officers Kewsong Lee and Glenn Youngkin said, “As the firm enters its second decade of ESG leadership, sustainability initiatives have become an even more important component of our efforts to perform and create value for our investors. We are particularly proud to become the first global alternative asset manager to achieve carbon neutrality on a global basis.” is very honored to assist The Carlyle Group in achieving this carbon neutrality goal for its global operations.