Blog Welcomes STAXI® Corporation Limited

March 23, 2012 Foundation would like to welcome STAXI® as one of our newest business partners. STAXI® is a now established globally as the leading wheelchair alternative and is the best selling nestable transport chair worldwide. staxi® chairs are built specifically for large, busy facilities such as hospitals and airports, providing temporary transportation, safely and comfortably, for people who are distance-challenged.

STAXI® is also an environmentally friendly transportation system. By producing a product that is theft resistant they have reduced replacement costs. Their durable construction means they are built to last. The product claims they are almost maintenance free and require minimal spare part replacement, reducing both costs and emissions for new parts. And the travel systems are made from fully recyclable materials. This is in addition to the in office sustainability efforts the company has implemented including teleworking, electric bike and walking commuting, greenhouse gas corporate inventory, and, of course, carbon offsetting what they cannot reduce.

“At staxi®, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint wherever we can, and offsetting it where we can’t. We have partnered with to offset all of our carbon emissions, from our offices to our warehouses. We have also worked to offset all of the carbon emissions resulting from the manufacture, transportation and delivery of staxi® products to our customers.” – David Gallant, Business Manager, STAXI® Corporation Limited

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