Blog Foundation Celebrates Macmillan Publishers for Their Continued Leadership in Sustainability and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

October 12, 2017

Since 2011, Macmillan has partnered with Foundation to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and significantly contribute to the fight against climate change by supporting world-class carbon offset projects that reduce millions of pounds of CO2e emissions.

Macmillan has offset over 77,000 metric tonnes via Foundation. This is equivalent to preventing greenhouse gas emissions from over 184 million miles driven by the average passenger vehicle or the carbon sequestered by over 1.9 million tree seedlings grown over 10 years.

“Our partnership with Macmillan means support for important and innovative projects in the fight against climate change,” said Eric Carlson, President of “We commend Macmillan for their significant environmental commitments, placing sustainability at the core of their business, and focusing on both stewardship and responsibility for future generations.”

In 2016, Macmillan supported our Envira Amazonia Project which preserves nearly 500,000 acres of pristine Brazilian rainforest. The project is host to rare and highly endangered ecosystems, which support over 30,000 types of plants, and wildlife, including howler monkeys, fresh water dolphins and scarlet macaws. The project also directly benefits the local community including offering agricultural extension training courses; granting land tenure to local communities; and establishing alternative economic activities including commercializing the collection of medicinal plants and açaí.

As a key component of its sustainability initiatives Macmillan has set a goal to reduce the CO2 emissions generated by its business activities by 65% (over a 2009 baseline) by the year 2020. Macmillan is well on-track toward realizing this ambitious goal through the programs and actions they have undertaken to date.

Some examples are:
• Rationalizing their sourcing of paper based on the CO2 profile of the various mills that manufacturer the specific grades that Macmillan uses in printing its books.
• Transition 2/3 of their sales representative’s cars to hybrid vehicles which results in a reduction of over 800 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year from associated fuel savings.
• Significant investment in lighting retrofits at their distribution/returns facilities that are 45-50% more energy efficient than the replaced configurations. wishes Macmillan continued success with their committed long-term leadership in addressing sustainability both at their company and as a global citizen that supports preserving our planet for future generations.