Blog Celebrates Fifteenth Anniversary – Great Progress and More to Do

September 21, 2018

A letter from Eric Carlson, President and Co-Founder of

As Foundation reaches its 15th anniversary, we are proud to look back at the impact and progress we have made to foster a better climate and support cutting-edge technologies once thought impossible to deploy.

Fifteen years ago, there was barely a wind industry and the solar industry was tiny. Landfill methane, truck stop electrification and other projects were rare, at best. It has taken a generation of leaders, like you, to change the course of history. 

Today, more people are employed in the wind industry than coal industry. Same goes for solar. Literally thousands of companies have pledged to buy all their power from renewables. Millions of acres of at-risk forest land are being re-planted or preserved. The projects exist. And it is far more affordable to be carbon neutral than almost anyone thought possible.  

That’s the good news.

Sadly, our global carbon emissions continue to rise and America has abandoned its leadership role on the environment and climate change. The vast effects of climate change are visible daily as every year gets warmer and our CO2 levels are now above 400 parts per million (ppm) vs just 270 ppm in the pre-industrial era. Oceans are no longer going to rise, but are rising, and the best case scenarios for climate change are several degrees warmer temperatures, no longer holding climate change at bay.

There is hope. While we have done some irreversible damage to our planet, we all can and must still act.

The technologies exist. The projects exist. And both are affordable. We can make the shift to 100% renewable energy by 2050 and a carbon neutral world before that. The means exist and the will exists among most of the world’s population and countries. With a concerted effort we can still beat this thing. is dedicated to solving climate change and will continue educating the public, spurring direct action and investing in projects and technologies that get us closer and closer to this critical goal. Our supporters have made this possible for fifteen years and with you, we are making a difference today, for tomorrow.