Blog and Cascada Expediciones Strive to Leave No Trace

August 24, 2012

As part of its mission to comply with the principles of Ecotourism, which are to unite conservation, communities, and sustainable travel, Cascada Expediciones and its EcoCamp Patagonia have partnered with over the past four years to measure and neutralize unavoidable energy emissions from their operations in Chile, Patagonia, Argentina and Bolivia.’s emissions calculations and offsetting program is comprehensive in measuring and monitoring all fuel consumption from any aspect of Cascada Expediciones’ tours and EcoCamp’s operations or transportation on location. Each traveler is encouraged to offset their round-trip commercial flight emissions as well.  The resulting annual operational emissions are neutralized through Cascada Expediciones’ support of’s energy efficiency, renewable energy and reforestation projects that are contributing to the development of clean air technologies and carbon reduction strategies around the world.

“On CO2 offsetting, we wanted to partner with a capable and reliable organization. That is why we chose,” explains Yerko Ivelic, Founder, Owner and Director of Cascada Expediciones and EcoCamp Patagonia.

Cascada Expediciones has implemented many carbon reduction strategies at their facilities and within their tour operations.  From simple steps such as providing shared transportation for guests, banning electrical appliances, and providing green hydro- or solar-powered electricity, to the unique energy-efficient and environmentally-compatible design of the EcoCamp domes, Cascada’s focus is on creating a fully sustainable Patagonian touring experience that creates the smallest carbon footprint possible.

In recognition of these carbon emissions reduction and neutralization practices, EcoCamp Patagonia has been nominated as a candidate to receive the Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Award for 2012. is happy to partner with Cascada Expediciones in helping the organization achieve its commitment to environmentally sustainable operations through the support of clean air and carbon reduction projects.