CarbonFree Shipping Participation Shows National Trends

October 07, 2010

One of the largest challenges for environmentalists is monetizing environmental good. What is biodiversity worth? We all know what it costs to buy a pen or a loaf of bread, but what is the cost of the intrinsic value of species diversity, clean air and water and a sustainable future? Economists and the environmental movement have made great strides in the last few decades monetizing climate change emissions, acid rain producing sulfur dioxide and air-dirtying nitrogen oxides. New studies even show that consumers are willing to pay more to support products that are better for the environment and companies that value sustainability. evo, a Seattle-based retailer of ski, snowboard, wakeboard and skateboard gear, has been a proud partner of since 2006 and was among the original launch partners for the CarbonFree® Shipping program. evo customers can opt to add a $0.50 donation to their order at checkout to offset the emissions from shipping their order from evo’s warehouse located south of Seattle. After analyzing data from the last 2 years of evo customer orders, customers from all states have participated, but 25 states had over 100 donations which have reduced nearly 1,000 metric tons of carbon emissions. In addition, was able to bring these reductions home, supporting projects in states representing nearly 25 % of evo’s CarbonFree Shipping customers. These projects include: • Truck Stop Electrification • Gas-to-Energy projects • Renewable energy from wind What else can we learn from these numbers? Unsurprisingly, consumers from states with strong environmental protection policies and high levels of education are more likely to support evo and’s program. For example Vermont is 2.6 times more likely to neutralize their shipment’s carbon footprint than someone from Michigan. People aware of the value of environmental sustainability are taking action and people that are just learning are starting to. Participation in the program typically rises (as much as doubling) around Earth Day when we run matching promotions. Going green is increasingly becoming the norm and here at we hear stories everyday from our partners that support this trend. Top 5 States (highest participation rate) • Vermont    8.89% • Colorado    7.44% • Washington    6.92% • Nevada    6.65% • New Hampshire    6.48% Bottom 5 States (lowest participation rates) • Michigan    3.37% • Wisconsin    3.42% • Ohio    3.5% • Texas    3.59% • Pennsylvania    3.95% evo has been a long-standing partner with and is committed to maintaining a healthy natural environment because the sports they love depend on it! While the ski, snowboard and wakeboard industries are far from perfect, a growing number of brands that evo carries are produced with the environment in mind. Some of the industry leaders in this regard include Patagonia, Arbor Snowboards, Lib Tech Snowboards, Gnu Snowboards, Surface Skis, and Liberty Skis.