Carbonfree® Partner GROSCHE Funds 100 Million Days of Safe Water

May 09, 2019

GROSCHE International Inc., a woman-owned and family run small business based out of Cambridge, Ontario, is working to change negative impacts to the environment in simple, affordable ways.

A Carbonfree® Business Partner for the past seven years, GROSCHE has neutralized over 950,000 pounds of carbon emissions from its business operations, equivalent to planting over 7000 tree seedlings and allowing those trees to grow and absorb carbon emissions for ten years.

As a manufacturer of premium coffee, tea, and hydration products based in Cambridge, Ontario, GROSCHE is focused on selling products that raise money to help those in need get access to safe water. Every product sold funds 50+ days of safe water for those in need through the GROSCHE Safe Water Project, a commitment initiated from a serious personal experience and a cause funded through the sale of its premium housewares products, ranging from craft brew coffee and espresso to teapots, glassware, and infuser bottles.  When you fill your cup with GROSCHE coffee or tea, you’re also filling someone else’s cup with safe water.

GROSCHE co-founders Helmi Ansari and Mehreen Sait faced a close call with their daughter battling water-borne cholera while travelling overseas. Cholera can be fatal, especially in young children. That distressing situation has led them to dedicate the rest of their lives to helping those who struggle with contaminated water around the world.

From humble beginnings as a basement-based tea business to an internationally recognized brand and manufacturer of premium coffee, tea, and hydration products, today, GROSCHE has celebrated a major milestone of funding over 100 million days of safe drinking water for people in need. They have done that through the installation of Bio-sand water filters in six different countries, including South Sudan, Pakistan, India, Uganda, Malawi, and the Philippines.

Check out a video about GROSCHE’s work.

Biosand filters are a unique way of filtering and purifying water that contains dangerous bacteria, viruses, and even worms. They don’t require electricity, cartridges or replacement parts, and last up to 30 years, with little to no maintenance.

“It’s a dream come true for us to see the small business we started a few years ago as an international success story today. And also, to see it have such a positive impact on people’s lives,” says Sait, president and co-founder. “Building a business with sustainability, ethics, and social purpose is the best way to change the world. It’s social entrepreneurship.”

“Our Carbonfree® partnership ensures that we are not leaving a carbon footprint for future generations to deal with as we do our business,” said Mehreen, co-founder and President of GROSCHE. In addition to its Carbonfree® Partner status, GROSCHE is a certified Benefit Corporation (BCorp) and a social enterprise.

“Businesses represent 98% of the world’s economy, while charity is around 2%. To change the world in a big way, we have to leverage the power of business. You don’t have to be a billionaire philanthropist like Bill Gates to help others, anyone can help with their next cup of delicious coffee or tea” says Ansari.