CarbonFree® Event Partner Kiwano Marketing Wins Green Achievement Award

November 05, 2010

Add one more to the list of partners who have won awards and recognition for their sustainability efforts. Kiwano Marketing, based out of Vancouver, Canada, won the Better Business Bureau’s Green Award in part for their outstanding fundraising campaign for the Stanley Park Ecology Society. In supporting one of the world’s best urban parks, Kiwano won accolades for making events greener—encouraging public transit, sourcing locally produced food and wine, cutting paper usage, and offsetting event carbon emissions with in support of third-party validated projects. They were rewarded for their holistic approach to sustainability and raised the bar for sustainability for companies in British Columbia. Kiwano Marketing provides sustainable marketing services to small and medium sized businesses. By providing a high return on investment, Kiwano makes it easy and profitable for a company to improve business practices. Kiwano joins Dell, Staples, Samsung, Motorola, JetBlue, Virgin America and many other partners who have been recognized for their carbon offset and sustainability programs. Over 1,800 companies have joined our movement to fight climate change now and transition to a clean energy future.