BuildingGreen Joins Carbonfree® Business Partnership Program to Neutralize Operational Emissions

September 03, 2019
Building Green

BuildingGreen, Inc. helps architects, designers and other sustainability professionals make their projects greener and healthier.  The firm’s mission is to bring about a healthier relationship between human society and the natural world by helping building professionals create and nurture high-performance, resilient, and inspiring buildings and communities.

“BuildingGreen, Inc. has chosen to partner with because the demands of our work necessitate activities such as air travel which have a heavy footprint on the planet,” states Jerelyn Wilson, CEO.  “We want to do what we can to offset our carbon footprint.”

This year, BuildingGreen took the important step to join the Carbonfree® Business Partnership Program, neutralizing 144 metric tonnes of estimated annual operational emissions for the firm, by supporting new renewable energy projects across the US.

Since 1985, BuildingGreen has been the trusted source on healthy and sustainable design and construction strategies, supporting building professionals with membership websites here at and at, and with customized consulting and training services.

In 1985, Alex Wilson saw the need for a company that would translate technical information on energy efficiency and other environmental topics to the public and to building professionals.  Working at first out of a timber-framed barn in Vermont, Alex later brought on Nadav Malin and together they launched Environmental Building News. Predating the U.S. Green Building Council by one year and LEED by several, EBN became the bible of the emerging green building movement.

From the beginning, BuildingGreen turned down advertising and sponsorships in its publications, maintaining its exclusive focus on providing unbiased, trustworthy information and guidance to its customers. In Alex’s words, “We wanted to be able to say whatever we wanted about particular products and technologies” without interference.

In 1997, BuildingGreen developed green criteria for the full spectrum of building product categories in order to offer unbiased product guidance to designers and architects. They are known for uncovering greenwash and telling the real story. As the company grew through the 2000s, it added expertise in building science, process facilitation, and LEED. Experts at the now 15-person firm continuously stayed abreast of the rapidly evolving products and materials field, which veered from a near-crisis during a glut of certifications in the late 2000s to the turmoil of transparency data and formats in recent years.

BuildingGreen’s publications now reach over 20,000 readers annually, including students and professionals at over 200 architectural firms and campuses. All along, BuildingGreen has continued to serve firms, nonprofits, government agencies, and others who need customized consulting services. BuildingGreen’s hands-on, practical work on individual buildings and major projects informs the incisive insights it offers its members, and its expertise in putting actionable intelligence in the hands of professionals informs the advice it gives individual clients.