Brouwer Systems Group Renews CarbonFree® Commitment for 2012

May 29, 2012

CarbonFree® Business Partner Brouwer Systems Group has made a carbon neutral workplace an important part of its comprehensive sustainability programs. The company is a leading provider of computer networks and services across the Midwest. They focus on website development, I.T. support, software design and content marketing.

In addition to achieving carbon-neutral operations again in 2012, Brouwer Systems Group also provides a bicycle to every employee and encourages an active, outdoor lifestyle.  B.S.G. is also a leading example of businesses working with other like-minded companies. They choose to work exclusively with local, privately-held companies that also share their environmental commitment.

“We partner with because it’s impossible to avoid all fossil fuels,” cites Mark Brouwer, President.  “Brouwer Systems Group is dedicated to accelerating the course toward a fossil fuel free future. Better systems make a better world. is helping others develop the technology we need to survive climate change.”

Brouwer is a shining example of what any company can do to both reduce its direct impact on climate change and lead the way, through their other environmental initiatives and who they work with, to building a stronger, more sustainabile future for all of us. We would like to thank Mark and his team at Brouwer Systems Group for being an important force for good in the fight against climate change.