Bring a Partner – Green Your Suppliers and Customers to Earn a Discount on Your 2018 Partnership Renewal!

September 13, 2017

Promote Carbon Neutrality by getting your suppliers, partners and clients to join’s Business Partnership program in 2017-2018, and earn $60 off your 2018 program renewal for each partner who joins due to your recommendation.

Bring as many new partners as you can; earn multiple $60 discounts to pay for your 2018 partnership renewal or ask us to plant trees for all of your employees and customers.   If you’d rather plant trees than get a discount, we’ll plant 60 trees in your company’s name for each new business partner you bring to


  • Use of Carbonfree® Partner Logo
  • A Partner page on our website
  • Business carbon offset certificate
  • Access to Tools
  • Blog posting on our partnership
  • Social media outreach
  • Newsletter article
  • Press release support
  • PR expertise & media outreach

Carbonfree® Business Partnership Programs are for organizations with 20 or fewer employees and require a minimum donation from $360-$1440/year, depending on total full-time employee size.  Businesses with more than 20 employees may complete a custom business offset calculation to determine their annual partnership donation amount.

By joining our Carbonfree® Business Partnership Programs, companies are able to neutralize annual operational emissions while supporting our high quality, third-party validated and verified carbon offset, energy efficiency, renewable energy and rainforest preservation projects that do so much more than just neutralize and sequester greenhouse gases.  These projects create new technologies, jobs, training, education, conserve biodiversity and habitats around the world.

From now through December 31, 2017, any new business that joins our Carbonfree® Business Partnership Programs at your recommendation, and names you and/or your company on their program donation entry, will earn you a $60 per new partner discount to your own 2018 program renewal.  What a great way to spread the word regarding operational sustainability and this simple, easy and affordable way to become a carbon neutral business!  Use the text in this blog post to send out an email blast to your suppliers and customers – ask them to list your company’s name in the comments section when they join our programs online!

Contact Linda Kelly, Business Partnerships Manager, for more information or to make referrals:,  240-247-0630 x 633